Friday, August 24, 2012

QBOT Rewards Harding Students Easing Parents Wallets

Paige is currently a student enrolled at Harding University in Searcy Arkansas. You can see the excitement she is experiencing as she has just downloading the #QBOT APP which she cannot believe is FREE. Yes the app is free from the APP store from iPhone & Android . 

We at QBOT believe that every loyal customer should be able to earn rewards for shopping their favorite stores. We also believe that the current state of marketing choices for the 30M small businesses are ineffective in communicating with their local audience.

With the advancement of technology we are able to record our favorite programs and fast forward through commercials. We have commercial-free music with endless choices on our smartphone. Billboards are almost never seen because we are trying to reply to the text while navigating the horrible roadways of our local city. Direct mail goes straight in the trash because we can never remember to carry paper coupons around with us. If I want to pick up a newspaper or magazine it's more of an inconvenience than opening my iPad or iPhone to read the current happenings using Twitter or Facebook, Google, or Yahoo.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Local Fare in Downtown Little Rock EJ's Eats & Drinks

We are so glad to have partner merchants like #EJ's Eats in downtown Little Rock, AR. What a fantastic eatery, with amazing rewards. -QBOT :-)

Friday, July 13, 2012

We are your personal REWARD App. We are irresistible. The wish on your list. 
The dream that came true. The Robot in your pocket. We are #QBOT. 

We designed and engineered “Que”, your pocket robot, to do one thing…. Reward you. Walk into any one of the 100’s of merchants on Que’s new app #QBOT and ask one simple question,
 “Can I use Que?” On the other side of that question are Irresistible offers, Fantastic Rewards, dancing fairies and a fresh aroma of cotton candy. 

Okay, maybe not fairies or cotton candy but the point is… YOU’RE GONNA LOVE IT! 
All you have to do is open the #QBOT app, find the reward you’d like to use, slide to redeem it and show the magical moving image to merchant and you’ll receive the full discount. 
If the merchant has created a loyalty program for you, click the scanner icon, place the scanner over the QR code and receive the point you deserve! 

Accumulating points will unlock rewards all over town. The more points you save up, the better the rewards get or you can use points right away and get a reward sooner. It’s time to start getting the things you deserve and Que is just the Robot to make sure that happens.  Welcome to #QBOT. 

The Robot in your Pocket. Q. BOT